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Sacred signs oracle

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A 74 card Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck with Silver Foil Signs. Containing Shamanic, Taoist, and Source connection knowledge.

What would your life look like if there would be no limitations? What would it be like to live your life from the heart and to make choices that make you happy? What if I told you, you are an infinite being who can do all that? Humanity is awakening to their true nature, and this deck will assist you in this process.

Hi! My (star)name is Astaran, and I’m a Netherlands based energetic artist and I have been guided from within to create a sacred geometry oracle deck for people to use in order to purify the old from their system and help them embody more of whom they really are. Together with my partner, I’ve worked for over a year to make this oracle card set. This is not a regular oracle deck, it’s so much more than that. This deck is unique because it contains Sacred Geometry coding, which will help the wielder clear out old patterns, beliefs, and everything else that is obsolete and holding them back from being who they really are. It is a living deck, it grows with you as you grow, assisting you all throughout the process of embodying your multidimensionality. The coding is layered and can be of assistance in every phase of the awakening process.

To the subconscious the multidimensional sacred geometry is enough to grow, integrate, embody and expand (even days or weeks later), but we also added elements to make every card recognizable and understandable for the conscious part of us. But both conscious and subconscious are aimed to embody the multidimensional self.

The deck contains 74 cards, each with a unique silver (silver foil) sacred signs, silver card edges, background colors based on the combination of the energy of the medicine wheel, Chinese elements and Masculine / Feminine energies, a silk layer that makes the cards feel so soft and of course an extensive booklet and a beautiful magnetic box to store your cards. This deck can be used as a ‘one card a day’ deck, as well as to make more intricate spreads to answer certain questions.

Our intention for this deck is that it will assist you the best way possible on your journey of self development and integration of your multidimensional self. So, let the Sacred Signs Cards guide and assist you on your journey.

Since my spiritual awakening in August 2020 I see sacred geometry everywhere. This whole universe is built upon sacred geometry. It doesn’t matter if it’s a tree, a human being, a computer, or a coffee cup, everything has an energetic blueprint, which is made visible to me through sacred geometry.

Sacred Geometry is very powerful, but not easily understood by the mind. It isn’t at all necessary to understand the geometry in itself, because your source connection will instantly recognize its energy as soon as it is brought into your field. But us humans like to understand. To make this easier, we added the following categories for your convenience.

The Medicine Wheel

In this deck, we use the description of the Cherokee medicine wheel, with the utmost respect, in a simplified manner. These symbols stand for the four directions (north, east, south, west) and above (the sky), center (the earth) and below (the underworld).

The 5 elements

We also use the five elements from the Chinese Tao to depict the energy of the card. These are: water, fire, earth, wood and metal. Working with the elements can be a useful and insightful tool to bring healing and balance.

The Energies

Lastly, we use the energetic polarities of masculine and feminine and their perfect balanced state of neutrality. All of us carry both divine feminine and divine masculine energies, regardless of our biological gender. These symbols can be an indication of how to bring balance into your day or your specific question.

The Colors

The colors used in this deck are a perfectly balanced depiction of the entirety of the card. It connects the energy of the sacred geometry to the energy, direction, and element of the cards and is the glue that brings it all together.

This deck is very versatile, and you can do simple single draws with or without intention. For example, you can draw a card for that day or you draw a card for a specific problem, feeling, fear, dilemma, etc. you currently experience.

There are also more intricate spreads, which are explained in the booklet. For example, the “Light architect” which consists of 5 cards and helps you to design your path. More spreads in the booklet for example; decision-making, understanding of events, perception and reality, aspect integration and others.


Slechts 1 resterend op voorraad

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