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Essential oils & gemstone guardians cards

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De Essential Oils & Gemstone Guardians Cards geven inzicht in de relatie tussen planten, mineralen en dieren. Het kan je helpen je verbinding met de natuur te verbeteren. Het deck is verdeeld in groepen van zes kaarten; elke groep behandelt een ander aspect van jezelf.

deck to help you amplify your intentions with aromatherapy oils and vibrationally matching crystals

Bringing aromatherapy into partnership with crystals, this deck presents a hands-on way to engage with the mineral and plant kingdoms together. Specifically created to help you establish clear intentions, the 42 two-sided cards of this full-color deck each show an essential oil and an energetically-matching crystal, offering guidance and positive affirmations for your life. Just like gemstones, essential oils work on an energetic level to rebalance us spiritually, mentally, and emotionally and offer many physiological benefits. With the help of Essential Oils & Gemstone Guardians Cards, you can enjoy a more personal and meaningful relationship with plants, minerals, and their allies from the animal kingdom. The deck is divided into six groups of cards: Focus, Grounding and Protection; Health and Well-Being ; Love/Friendship/Romance ; Money/Creativity Motivation—each group helps you understand yourself better.

As author Margaret Ann Lembo explains, the energetic value, or vibration, of an essential oil is stabilized by the devic forces associated with mother plant, flower, root, or bark. The energetic vibration of a gemstone holds records and goals to help you focus on the reality you wish to create. You design your reality and the cards in this deck will help you focus on your intentions and ignite transformation in your life.

Designed to spark your courage and innate knowledge and abilities, this deck and guidebook set helps empower you to step forward with confidence and realize your unlimited potential.

Slechts 1 resterend op voorraad

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Gewicht: 320 g

Afmetingen: 140 × 102 × 33 mm

Taal: Engels

Auteur: Margaret Ann Lembo


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