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Angel meditation cards

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Angel Meditation Cards are intended to bring Angels into your life. Each of the 64 cards contains four elements. An Angel depicted in full colour, the Angel’s keyword, a short passage for reflection and an affirmation.

The cards can serve as a source of inspiration and guidance whether you are facing an important decision. A turning point in your life or career or if you simply wish to meditate upon a quality that you would like to see manifested in your life. Open the way in silence and then ask a question. Or clearly visualize a situation that is asking for your care and attention.

Ask an Angel to come and help you with the inspiration or clarification that you need. Let the Angel guide you in selecting a card for inspiration and meditation. As you select a card, the Angel’s presence with its keyword may be enough to expand your understanding. The short passage for reflection may lead you to perceive a new viewpoint to a situation on which you are focusing at the moment. You may wish to keep the selected card with you throughout the day. Or even the deck as a whole, as a reminder of your reflections.

All that we need to know is already within ourselves. The cards are tools of support so you can get in touch with your most intimate essence. Having the Angels as partners and messengers of the guidance that comes from the Soul. Whether you randomly select a card to solve or clarify a specific situation, or should you prefer to display one card each day as a source of daily inspiration and guidance, the Angel Meditation Cards will improve you well-being and serve as a basis for enriched happiness.

Slechts 1 resterend op voorraad

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