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Spirit oracle

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Spirit Oracle nodigt u uit in een ruimte van liefde, schoonheid en grenzeloze reflectie. Je bent hier welkom. Je bent het waard. En je hart en ziel zijn vrij om je waarheid te kennen en te bevestigen.

Spirit Oracle invites you into a space of love, beauty, and limitless reflection. You are welcome here. You are worthy. And, your heart and soul are free to know and affirm your truth. Step into the timeless wonder of the imagery, feel the resonance of the card names and allow the poetic insights of the messages to rise and blossom within you. Like seeds traveling on the wind, who knows where their possibility will anchor, how fast their potential will be realized, and how many delights will spring from their branches.

Op voorraad

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Gewicht: 410 g

Afmetingen: 148 × 104 × 30 mm

Taal: Engels

Auteur: toni Carmine Salerno


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